“It was a disagreement but everything is back to peace again,” RZA explained recently on Tim Westwood’s show in regards to Raekwon’s recent outburst on Miss Info’s show. For those who may not remember, Raekwon went hard at RZA and showed his distaste in the production on the upcoming Wu Tang album 8 Diagrams (Click Here for Raekwon’s interview).

The RZA does explain how the Wu sound has evolved and why Rae may have not been pleased…

“As you grow into a man, you start respecting other men’s positions and your music starts reflecting that,” RZA says of the drastic change in sound from Enter The 36 Chambers to 8 Diagrams “This album is an album for many people – not just one group of people. What he (Raekwon) wanted was a ‘punch you in your face’ album, but we already did Only Built For Cuban Links 2, it’s done! For me it’s like ‘we already got a punch you in the face album’ We drop that after this and you can punch whoever you want in the face.”

Even though the two have made piece since, RZA still was hurt by Raekwon’s comments but avoided a explosive situation.

“Anytime anyone says anything against…anytime my brother says something against me, it’s going to hit me in the gut. But I don’t react like that,” he says in regards to keeping his cool. “I have self control, I have patience I know that he had a feeling and that feeling may pass (after he takes time with the album).”

RZA mentions how it wasn’t just Raekwon – but everyone in the Clan had their own feelings about 8 Diagrams.

“It’s all good, everybody is taking their time (with this album). GZA even had his own opinion and 2 weeks later he came back and was like ‘Yo…son…we got it!’”

But there was one thing that RZA had to clear up before he ended the interview, “I ain’t never, ever take no money from nobody and I don’t owe nobody no money. I pay all my bills!”

Check out the video for the full interview.