Boosie Badazz continues to reference his shooting in Dallas last November by taunting his shooter at every turn.

In a social media clip shared on Saturday (January 2), the Baton Rouge rapper can be seen pulling on a blunt while previewing new music.

“Hit me in my leg but it should have been my head, I swear to God,” Boosie raps on the track. “And the bars and extension cords, big facts, we steppin’ hard. You better keep ya 30 because if a nigga kill ya…”

The track comes weeks after Boosie was shot outside of a Dallas strip mall in the wake of the death of his friend and artist Mo3.

Boosie Badazz Previews Angry Tracks Addressing Dallas Shooting & Declaring War

Following the shooting, Boosie hasn’t slowed down in terms of performing or previewing new music. The Goat Talk 2 rapper has been confined to a wheelchair as he heals from the gunshot wound and proudly dispelling rumors whether he’d lose his leg or not.