Las Vegas, NV

Everyone has left something behind in a car at some point, but probably not to the extent Lil Reese said he just did. Reese took to Instagram late Wednesday (December 30) claiming he left over $20,000 in an Uber he’d been riding in on the Las Vegas Strip, but the virtuous driver allegedly made sure to return the money.

“Can’t believe I just left 20K plus in an Uber bro,” he wrote to his Instagram Story with a series of angry emojis.

After social media had their laughs for a few hours, the Chicago native posted an update claiming the male driver got the $20,000 back in his possession.



“Update he brong that 20k plus back fuck y’all mean,” Reese captioned the clip with an accompanying video of him in the backseat wearing a mask around his chin.

Upon flying into Vegas, a fan spotted Reese walking around the airport with stacks of cash bulging out of his pockets. He responded in a joking manner by telling the fan to stop “pocket watching” him.

Earlier this week, Reese gave his thoughts on Famous Dex reportedly checking into rehab. The two Chi-Town rappers have had longstanding issues dating back some time.



Famous Dex Has Reportedly Entered Rehab After Denying Drug Problem

“Famous dex check into the rehab,” he wrote. “I knew he had to been off some tweakin wit me like imma goofy that dude was off the coke I’m happy for him tho.”

In September, Reese accused Dex of being paid off by 6ix9ine for his antics, tweeting, “This coke head crack head ass n-gga must be gettin paid from 69.” According to AllHipHop, Dex checked into rehab on December 21, which came less than 24 hours after claiming he didn’t have a drug problem on Instagram Live.