In an upcoming interview with Charlie Rose (yes…that Charlie Rose), Jay-Z discusses how Diddy was very instrumental in the creation of Hov’s American Gangster. Rose asks about Diddy’s contribution and how he wanted to be the Executive Producer of the album. Jay explains -even though he wouldn’t let Diddy be Executive Producer – on one eventful evening Diddy called Jay to the studio and the sonic sounds made their way onto the album.

“He called me and I’ve never been to his studio before,” Jay explains on a night that he says “everything happens for a reason”. “I get there and he’s playing all these lush samples and all this 70s soul music – which relates straight to the movie.”

Jay recalls how Diddy explained to him how the production superteam of the Hitmen were being brought back together. But more importantly to Jay, he wanted to know what Diddy was doing with the music.

“(Diddy says) ‘Man…I have nobody to give it to. Biggie’s not here and I can’t just give it to anybody’,” Jay laments. “So I asked him, ‘What do you do with all this music’ and he said ‘Man I’ll just play it in my house and run around with my socks on!’”

From that point, Jay knew what needed to be done and took home thirty of these soulful tracks to begin crafting his latest album.

“He didn’t executive produce the album but I gave him associate producer credit,” Jay says of Diddy’s contributions. “The thing that I realized about Puff is that he’s a great producer, it made me realize that he’s not a good producer, he’s a great producer.”

Here’s a clip of the interview…