Lupe Fiasco and Royce Da 5’9 have decided to throw their hats into the media circus of Hip Hop and launch a podcast.

“SURPRISE!!! Me & @royceda59 decided to do a podcast 2 gether like 2 real geniuses…,” Lupe wrote on Instagram Friday (October 2). “Season 1 of #lupeandroyce with @royceda59, @tomonedge & starts on @applepodcasts & @spotify 10.8.2020. Listen to the trailer & subscribe at the link in bio. (We’ll explain who Tom is later)”

The irony of Lupe and Royce teaming up dates back to when the Chicago rapper reached out to Joe Budden about replacing him in Slaughterhouse.

“Yo @joebudden Lemme get yo slaughterhouse spot,” Lupe wrote on Twitter in Janaury.

Royce flatly denied Lupe getting a shot as a member of the group in March. During an interview with HipHopDX, the Detroit rapper stated, “It’ll never happen. No one will ever replace Joe. No one can replace anybody from Slaughterhouse.”

He did give Lupe his flowers in the interview stating, “If anything, that’s elevating Lupe to where he should be. He’s no ‘group replacement guy.’ He’s great. He’s not just an MC, he’s a ‘master.’ So it takes on a completely different form because you have somebody who’s personality traits something totally different, has completely different characteristics outside of the booth and that’s not a replacement to Joe. That’s something completely different. They’re two totally different kinds of rappers and people. So that’s not a swap.”

Lupe Fiasco Says Kendrick Lamar Is 'A Better Artist' Than Him Amid Lyricism Debate

While their upcoming podcast is set to debut next week and the two rappers are known for their opinions of the world, don’t expect Lupe to keep addressing his beliefs on whether or not Kendrick Lamar is a better rapper than him. Taking to Twitter, Lupe cleared the air once and for all regarding the matter, saying Kendrick was a better artist than him.

“In my own words…once again for you bitches…I love me some KDot…always have always will,” he wrote. “With that said do think I he’s a good lyricist? Yes. Do I think he’s the best lyricist? No. Do I think it’s lyricists that are better than him? Yes. Is he a better artist than me? Yes.”