With Joe Budden’s media career in full swing, Lupe Fiasco recently took it upon himself to spearhead a campaign in efforts to keep Hip Hop supergroup Slaughterhouse thriving under his leadership and lyricism.

In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Royce Da 5’9 flatlined the idea by simply stating, “It’ll never happen” and offered up clear-cut reasoning.

“No one will ever replace Joe,” he explained adding, “no one can replace anybody from Slaughterhouse.”



Lupe Fiasco Hits Joe Budden For That Vacant Slaughterhouse Spot

The Allegory creator clarified that Lupe’s skills weren’t being called into question. It was the aesthetic of the original group that would be jeopardized.

“If anything, that’s elevating Lupe to where he should be. He’s no ‘group replacement guy.’ He’s great. He’s not just an MC, he’s a ‘master.’ So it takes on a completely different form because you have somebody who’s personality traits something totally different, has completely different characteristics outside of the booth and that’s not a replacement to Joe. That’s something completely different. They’re two totally different kinds of rappers and people. So that’s not a swap.”

After getting wind of the interview, Lupe humorously went to Twitter to caption the iconic Crying Jordan meme with “Man y’all… @Royceda59 eloquently said hell to the nah to my request to replace @JoeBudden in slaughterhouse…”

He followed up with a metaphorical résumé: “But I got more bars than Bourbon Street meets Daytona Beach and put in work like the President of Russia…..”

Slaughterhouse disbanded in 2018 after releasing two studio albums.



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