With all of the talk about Jay-Z’s ascension back into G.O.A.T. status after critics panned his last effort, it seems as if there’s one voice amidst the millions that still have a few questions to ask the God MC.

Philadelphia’s Pretty Ugly has some choice words for the Brooklyn MC on his newly posted MySpace track — Question to Jay-Z.

Pretty Ugly (real name – Carlton Mann III) says, “It’s not a diss song. What I’m doing is putting a mirror up to his face. I don’t respect a lot of things that he’s done.”

On the song, Pretty Ugly drops lines like, “You fucked Jaz-O the same way that Puff fucked Shyne… Where’s the love?HipHopDX got a chance to speak with Mann once word broke about the song and when asked to explain the reason behind the song, he had this to say:

I don’t know how to put it. I was just sitting back over the years, just watching Hov and how he conducted his business. I watched how his swagger changed since he signed a lot of Philly dudes.

Pretty Ugly doesn’t consider himself one of the many who’ve had nothing but bad things to say about Shawn Carter and still insists that he is a fan. “Jay can rhyme… no doubt, man. He got skills...I just want Jay to look at himself. I don’t think that he respects cats. I live by the G Code and I wouldn’t be playing the games that he does.

With Jay and his renewed swagger and the press giving him reviews before the album even hits stores, HipHopDX asked Pretty Ugly if Jay were to turn his sights to him – what would he do?

Then it’d be on. I am good at what I do. If Hov wants to answer my question, then fine… that’d be great for me.”

Pretty Ugly currently labels himself as a free agent and is fielding work. The self-proclaimed “freelance rapper,” does have a mixtape on the way entitled Eviction Day. “I’m a threat to a lot of people, I don’t know why, though. I’m just doing my thing. I’ll do freelance rapping – you pay me and I’m on it.

HipHopDX has the exclusive full length song of Question to Jay-Z. You can check that out in the site’s audio section.