Boosie Badazz is desperate to get his Instagram account back and money is apparently no object. On Monday (September 7), Boosie fired off a tweet to Facebook CEO/founder Mark Zuckerberg offering a substantial amount of coin to restore his account.

“@zuck,” he wrote. “I got a 100K for my OfficialBossieig page BACK.”

Boosie’s account was suspended in August much to the Baton Rouge native’s chagrin. Upon learning it was gone, Boosie went on a tirade against “Mark Zuckerberger” and pleaded with him to reactivate it.

“This is how I feed my family,” he said in part. “We ain’t making no show money Mark Zuckerburger, none of the rappers. I need my Instagram back! Mark, I need my Instagram back. Mark Zuckerburger. I told everybody, ‘Call Mark Zuckerburger. At him right now. Tell him call my sister. We need to talk.’ I need my Instagram! I got people’s money I gotta post.”

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#Boosie has a bone to pick with Mark Zuckerberg ?

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Boosie later revealed the reason behind his Instagram removal was due to the sexually explicit content he’d routinely post.

“Mark Zuckerberger, I need to get back on Instagram,” he said in a video shared on Akademiks’ Instagram page. “I just got an email they said I had some sexual content. Playa, if I fucked up, I fucked up. My bad! If it popped off, it wasn’t my fault, but I’ma take my lick. They just sent me a thang for me to take a picture with and my Instagram still ain’t back on.”

Boosie Badazz Screams At Mark Zuckerberg After His Instagram Gets Deleted

In April, the 37-year-old rapper told VladTV he was placed on Instagram “parole,” but evidently he continued to violate the platform’s policies.

“I’m on six months parole with Instagram,” he said. “They sent me emails like ‘One more time … one more pussy … you show pussy one more time it’s over.’ So I go on my IG every time and say ‘No pussy. No pussy’ because … you know they stopped Tory Lanez? I was next bro. I had to turn it down.”