Philadelphia-bred singer Jaguar Wright opened up a massive can of worms on Instagram when she called out Common, The Roots, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Talib Kweli and more in the wake of Malik B’s death. 

At one point, the 43-year-old artist suggested Roots frontman Black Thought didn’t write his own raps. Instead, she said Malik and fellow Roots affiliate Dice Raw were behind some of Thought’s greatest work. As the allegations continued to fly, producer Young Guru had enough and decided to come to Thought’s defense.

Guru wrote in a since-deleted tweet, “Y’all know I don’t get on these internets for nothing. I let a lot of things slide. But what y’all not about to do is question @blackthought’s pen. That’s not about to happen in my lifetime!!!”

Wright made several damning accusations during her social media diatribe, including a particularly shocking one about Common. She claimed one night after a show, the normally celebrated “conscious” MC attempted to put his penis in her mouth as she slept.

“The next thing I know I’m waking up in the morning and I feel something poking in my face and shit … I open my mouth and this nigga tried to stick his dick in my mouth while I’m asleep,” she said. “Lonnie fucking Lynn, Rashid, Common — whatever the fuck you want to call yourself. That’s why I stopped fuckin’ with him, because nigga if you gonna try to stick your dick in my mouth while I’m asleep, there ain’t nothing you won’t do.”

Jaguar Wright Accuses Common Of Past Sexual Assault In Wake Of Malik B's Death

As Twitter continues to dismantle her nearly hour-long video, Thought is plotting the release of his forthcoming album Streams of Thought Vol. 3: Cane & Abel. The project was initially supposed to arrive on Friday (July 31) but never materialized.

The veteran Hip Hop artist offered an explanation on Instagram, writing, “I know you all were expecting the album at midnight. My bad y’all. But this delay is for a good reason. Big announcement coming soon. New release date to follow. Love.”

Check it out below.