Founding member of The Roots Malik B unexpectedly passed away last week at the age of 47, which was apparently the key to unlocking Jaguar Wright’s vault of secrets.

On Monday (August 3), a video clip of the Philly singer accusing Common of once sexually assaulting her started making the rounds. Wright, who has appeared on songs with JAY-Z, The Roots and Blackalicious, among others, was nearly enraged as she spoke about her disdain for the typically celebrated MC.

“God damn Common, next thing I know we go to bed and he like, ‘Come on Jag,'” she began. “‘Nah, nah I’m tired nigga. I was on stage all night and I wanna lay down.’ I lay down on the bed with all my clothes on — I’m a rape survivor. I know how to buy myself a little time just in case a nigga try to get out of hand. You gotta pull my pants down and by the time you get my pants down, I promise you I’m booking off in your jaw.

“The next thing I know I’m waking up in the morning and I feel something poking in my face and shit … I open my mouth and this nigga tried to stick his dick in my mouth while I’m asleep. Lonnie fucking Lynn, Rashid, Common — whatever the fuck you want to call yourself. That’s why I stopped fuckin’ with him, because nigga if you gonna try to stick your dick in my mouth while I’m asleep, there ain’t nothing you won’t do.”

Wright added, “He ain’t been right since Lauryn Hill left him anyway. Then he got with Erykah [Badu] after I fucking spurned him. He hated my ex-husband for I don’t know how long … real bitch shit. Then Erykah was jealous as fuck of me. That song ‘Booty’ on that second album, that shit was about me.”

The Okayplayer member also called out Black Thought, Questlove and Erykah Badu in the wake of Malik’s death. In an Instagram video posted to her account on Friday (July 31), the 43-year-old tearfully recounted her experience with Malik and what it was like watching him battle addiction. She then dug into the perceived mistreatment and disrespect Malik allegedly received from members of The Roots.

“I’ve been carrying around 20 years of lies for someone else’s benefit and not for my own,” she said. “The lies that I’ve been carrying are to my own detriment. They have not been to help me nor have they helped anyone else … They’ve only helped a certain small group of people. I’m gonna say it right now — Phrenology, that song ‘Water,’ I had a problem when it was recorded in the studio and I definitely got a problem with it now.

“How do you go from singing ‘never do what they do’ to sitting there lightweight throwing your brother under the bus on a record to make money, to make it seem like it was heartfelt? How many times did you write him off? How many times did you not want to deal with him? But you wanna write a song about it? Was you out there in them streets? Or was you worried about wearing Polo Ralph Lauren? Was you worried about wearing designer clothes? I don’t wanna hear nothing from nobody that ain’t really step in.”

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Dropping Knowledge & Facts #nuffsaid?

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However, Wright wasn’t even close to done there. Several people speculated Malik’s death was caused by a drug overdose considering he’d battled addiction for most of his adult life. But she explained there’s a difference between a drug addict and someone who “suffered from addiction.” To illustrate her point, she used a line from the Mac Miller tribute “Cheers” by Anderson .Paak in which he sings, “How do you tell a nigga slow it down when you livin’ just as fast as ’em?”

“If you drinking, if you smokin’, if you getting high every day — nigga, I’ve heard about you,” she said. “I’ve heard about you getting mad at your wife — you working on television, everything’s supposed to be great. You got drunk, you got high and you broke your arm — all of that’s record on TV when your arm was broken.

“I know for a fact because I found out from your minion who don’t talk to me no more I guess because he’s not allowed to funnel me any information about what’s going on because I might do something like this. I might just blow. I might just pop. I might just put it out all there. How you gonna tell him not to get high and you gettin’ high? You ain’t got the right to say nothing.”

Black Thought's Eulogy For Ex-Roots Member Malik B Reads Like Poetry

Then she went in on Questlove’s tribute post to Malik, which was evidently what set her off in the first place.

“I’m a little disappointed about that post Questlove put up too,” she added. “I’m just gonna keep it a bean. That’s what drove me crazy, sitting here holding all these lies and I don’t know why I’m holding these lies anymore. You wrote a sonnet about him and oils, talking about a ‘lighter side of Malik.’ What do you mean a lighter side of Malik?

“How are you not talking about his brilliance? How are you not talking about being grateful for the fact that his ability to forsee Hip Hop the way he did put you in the position to be on television right now … you’re sitting on television because of his efforts. And you wanna talk about oils!?”

Elsewhere in the nearly hour-long video, Wright blasts Badu for not posting a single thing about Malik, claiming the late MC was the “only one” who gave her respect when she came to Philly. She also set her crosshairs on Jill Scott, Talib Kweli and more.

Check out Wright’s full video above and Questlove’s Instagram post below.

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? by @tdoteric A lighter tale of Malik Abdul Basit As a true Bol from philly you know that one’s oil game HAD to be on point. I came in this game rockin oils since age 9. Most of yall joke about me smelling like Breakfast (thx Kravitz clan) but long before my vanilla combo mastery my true graduation from basic Frankincense & Myrrh morphed into new exotic philly jawns like “Mecca Musk” & “Somali Rose” & “Egyptian Musk” & yeah…..”Money On the Street” & “Hug My Neck Aphrodisiac” Malik introduced me to that world. Even before Malik was in the Roots —-he was my oil guru. IYKYK…there is no panic like the last drop of oil w no re-up in the future. I been bugging Malik for my “$OTS” re-up. Paged him 911 (ask your parents kids) he was hard to catch but I knew I had some leverage bait this time: these were my last days interning at #RuffhouseRecords. I was everyone’s plug for all free cd’s/lp’s & especially Kriss Kross posters for anyone’s younger sibling or cousin Tim Dog’s sophomore Do or Die just came out (his “I Get Wrecked” single w KRS made brief noise for a sec) & I had 6 songs from the not yet released Cypress Hill “Black Sunday” lp——that was just enough to garner a “word? BET!” confirmation from Malik to tell me that him & Mussa (remember the cat dozing off watching TV in our “Distorion” vid? Him) would scoop me in a half hour. Confused I thought it was gonna be an even exchange (having paid him upfront weeks ago at a show I thought he was gonna drop it off——ha ha ha yeah ok They arrive to my west philly house and then Malik breaks the news to me: we gotta take a trip to “Norf” to get the oils. I wasn’t planning on this. But oh well. It was 3pm. Malik told me the particular fragrance I dug was a mixture of 3 import oils from Saudi Arabia (his parents often taught school there) my dad was already on his cynic “fool me once….” bag with Malik from a previous sale: “that boy tried to hustle me with Blue Nile that wasn’t all the way Blue, I know Johnson’s baby oil rebranded when I smell it”)——Malik told me we’d have to run to grab 2 oils & then West Oak Lane for the other oil, & then to South Philly so he can mix em together. Uh (checks Swatch) ok.

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