It’s not quite over yet but all signs point to Kanye West‘s Graduation beating out 50 Cent‘s Curtis come next Wednesday when the official totals are out. According to Billboard, Graduation has an over 150k advantage in the sales department. As of Friday, Graduation has sold 781k to Curtis‘ 603k (estimates for both). These totals will both end up #1 and #2 for the year if the pace keeps up, but in the head to head battle 50 will fall short.

But Curtis Jackson hasn’t given up hope just yet.

“[The sales] can’t be considered [any one way] anyway because it’s just a few days out,” he said to Billboard. “I guess [the music industry] would consider me to be a hip-hop favorite because of my sales history, and people like to root for the underdog.”

In the meanwhile, 50 and his flip-flopping on the idea of retiring continues. As early as Tuesday, 50 talked of not putting out another album (Click Here) but switched up the idea and said he’ll “go to war with Def Jam” if he loses the battle when he spoke to Hot 97.

We’ll keep you posted!