42 Dugg found himself a trending Twitter topic on Tuesday night (July 21) after a clip went viral of him supposedly rapping about “sucking dick.” But as it turns out, the Detroit rapper was simply exposed to some internet foolery.

Shortly after the chaos erupted on the social media platform, Dugg clarified the lyrics, writing, “HOES OUT HERE SUCKIN DICK… I WAS TRYNA PAY HER RENT.”

In another post, Dugg explained he was simply the victim of someone trying to get their Twitter numbers up. He shared a screenshot of an exchange he had with the person allegedly responsible for the viral content.

“Take that fake ass shit off your page nigga,” he wrote. “y’all know I ain’t say no shit like that.” The person then promised to take it down if Dugg followed him back.

He added across the top, “Y’all niggas stop playing with me tryna get y’all followers up.”

In the doctored clip, it sounds like Dugg says, “I was out here suckin’ dick,” which sent Twitter into a frenzy.

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