Joe Budden‘s son Trey picked up a mic at a young age and is following in his father’s footsteps, but it wasn’t exactly the family bars that inspired him to do so.

In a recent interview on the Mike Rouga Podcast, Trey revealed it was actually catching a stray bullet from Just Blaze protégé Saigon during his beef with Joe that influenced his decision to rap. After Saigon called him a “faggot” on a record during the height of their issues at the tail end of the 00s, Trey was itching to get in the booth to respond.

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“This nigga was beefing with… I forgot this nigga name,” he began, as he recalled his first reaction of “Pushin’ Buddens,” the diss track in question. “I was young, so like I’m not very informed on older rappers. I don’t want to butcher his name but like, Saigon? That nigga called me a faggot. I was like 12, 11 when I found it. I called my pops crying. I was like, ‘This nigga just called me a faggot yo.’ He was like, ‘Yo, it’s a beef between me and him. He’s supposed to say disrespectful things.’ I’m like, ‘Aight bet.’ I was sitting there like, ‘Let’s rap nigga! I’m ready when I’m ready. Ooh, I’ma kill this nigga as soon as I’m able to rap!’ That’s what actually got me interested in rapping. Because I was like, ‘I’ma kill this nigga as soon as I’m able to rap!'”

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Saigon caught wind of the interview and shared it on his page Sunday (July 5). He was a bit taken aback, but complimented Joe and wished Trey luck in his career.

“I don’t even know how to quite process this,” he wrote in the caption. “Somebody need to tell shorty ‘Say-Jon’ is a different kind of animal tho.. But on a serious note, the last words of my with Joe Budden battle were, ‘You shouldn’t have bought the kids into this’. Kids are always off limits no matter what kinda warfare U in. God Bless shorty though, I wish him well in his career. If he follow’s his Dad’s Blueprint he should be alright. Joe is very smart.. #FactsOfLife.”

After squashing their beef in 2009, Joe and Saigon would go on to collaborate on the track “Bring Me Down Pt. 3.” Stream it below.