The on and off beef between rappers Saigon and Joe Budden has reached new heights with the recent leak of Joe Budden‘s “Letter to Saigon,” [click to read] a diss track from the rappers upcoming album, Padded Room.

Since last summer, the two rappers have been taking shots at each other with “Letter to Saigon” being the latest exchange. The falling out between the two artists began when Joe Budden mentioned Saigon in a freestyle.

“I ain’t really mean nothing by the line,” Joe Budden explained of the freestyle [click to view]. “I didn’t say it to purposely ruffle his feathers, but yeah, he caught offense to it. He got sensitive over it like a lot of emcees do.”

Saigon, who was offended by the freestyle mention, responded via a video posted on WorldStarHipHop, stating that if he ever saw Joe Budden there would be a physical altercation.

Saigon‘s video was then followed by Joe Budden‘s “Letter to Saigon.”

“Speak my mind, and niggas start feeling a way / Say what I feel, it ain’t my fault they feel what I say / Seem like in every interview, niggas wanna mention dude / He took my good punch line and got it misconstrued, ain’t diss you then, but now I will / Just saying how I feel,” Joe Budden raps.

Only a day after the “Letter to Saigon” leak, Saigon has already responded.

“Lil homosexual nigga made a diss record. He want me to bite his head off,” Saigon explained in a video featured on “I’m not a battle rapper, but I’ll take this razor and run this shit across your fuckin’ Adam’s Apple. But, I’m gonna battle this nigga, just to show him that, lyrically, he’s not in my league. Never been, never will be.”

Saigon also went on to explain that if he were to see Joe Budden in the street he’s beating him up “on site.” Joe Budden‘s Padded Room will be released on February 24.