Numerous members of the Hip Hop community have tested positive for COVID-19 since the coronavirus pandemic kicked off in March. The latest rapper to test positive for the virus? Florida’s Tokyo Jetz.

On Saturday (June 27), she took a mobile COVID-19 test and documented her test on Twitter, writing, “Ima just go back inside” after she received her positive result.

In a series of follow-up tweets, Tokyo broke down what drove her to get a COVID-19 test, citing she was suffering from some of the symptoms.



“So I cooked crabs yesterday and all morning I was like, ‘they been sitting they finna be so good’ … got home and can’t even taste shit!!!” she wrote. “I can taste stuff at the back of my throat but not on my tongue. All day I been like ‘y’all don’t smell that bleach’ …. when in reality no one does and I can’t smell anything.

“Luckily we broke my fever under 100 but it was 101.3 … Mind you … the nigga who did my test said ‘oh u sick fa sho ..u don’t need a test.”

When a follower asked her about her symptoms, Toyko replied, “Fever 101.3, Body aches, Chills, No taste, Can’t smell, Sore Throat, Cough.”

Tokyo’s diagnosis follows Houston rapper Slim Thug’s announcement that he’d tested positive after having a slight cough, which was followed by Scarface who noted since battling COVID-19 he’s had to go on dialysis due to kidney failure.



“I fought the COVID, double bilateral pneumonia and kidney failure, all in my house,” Face told Willie. “Before the COVID, I never had kidney problems before.”

Scarface Reveals He's On Dialysis After Suffering Kidney Failure Due To COVID-19

The Hip Hop community lost New York rapper Fred The Godson to COVID-19 in April. Florida is currently experiencing one of the largest COVID-19 outbreaks in the country. As of press time, over 5,000 new cases were reported in the state and the overall number of COVID-19 cases sits at over 146,000, according to WESH 2.