Snoop Dogg shared a handful of social media posts from his studio session with Dr. Dre and Kanye West over the weekend.

While the excitement for another Dre and Snoop collaboration was palpable, the disdain for the Doggfather’s willingness to be in the same room with Ye was difficult to ignore for some people.

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Ye n Dre??????????????

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Over the past four years of Donald Trump’s presidency, Ye has loudly vowed his support for the current POTUS numerous times. Not only did he proudly rep a Make American Great Again (MAGA) hat but in October 2018, he also had a highly publicized meeting with Trump at the White House where he doled out hugs like his life depended on it.

In March, he once again reaffirmed his allegiance to Trump during an interview with Wall Street Journal Magazine, saying, “I’m a black guy with a red [MAGA] hat, can you imagine? It reminded me of how I felt as a black guy before I was famous, when I would walk in a restaurant and people would look at you like you were going to steal something. ‘This is your place, Ye, don’t talk about apparel. This is your place, Ye, you’re black, so you’re a Democrat.’”

Snoop Dogg Blasts Kanye West & All Other Trump Supporters: "Fuck You & Fuck Him"

Meanwhile, Snoop has been an outspoken critic of Trump and anyone who supports him, including Ye. In a 2018 interview with Sirius XM’s DJ Suss One, Snoop said anyone supporting Trump is a racist.

“If you like that nigga, you’re a muthafuckin’ racist. Fuck you and fuck him…Kanye too, nigga, don’t forget about him too, fuck you too! Throw him in the bag ‘cuz he right with them muthafuckas.”

Naturally, Twitter was quick to point out the perceived hypocrisy. Check out some of the reactions below.