Jeezy has been stressing the importance of voting on social media amid his participation in the protests against racial injustice. The Snowman urged his fellow citizens to get out to the polls on Tuesday (June 9), which was the day of Georgia’s primary elections.

“I know I told y’all I was gonna research this voting thing and get out here and vote,” he said in an Instagram video. “And I do understand that’s not the end-all, be-all, but it is still part of the bigger fight. I respect our youth for getting out there, these young lions for getting out there, causing the ruckus doing what they had to do to get the attention. We gotta keep the energy going and let’s not lose the message.”

Jeezy continued, “So right now, I’m heading to the voting polls to vote for my local city officials. So, let’s at least start there with the local city officials. Whether that’s the judge, whomever. We gotta at least let our voice be heard. So, if you’re out there right now in the ATL, Georgia, and you haven’t voted yet, I think you should do so. It’s still a bigger fight. It’s still a part of the bigger fight. We ain’t letting up. Believe that!”

After casting his ballot despite the long lines and machine malfunctions that plagued Georgia’s election, Jeezy posted a picture of the sticker given to voters. He used his caption to once again stress the value of voting.

“‘Start where you are,'” he noted. “‘Use what you have. Do what you can’ I know voting is not the end all, be all. Be we must fight this battle on all fronts! We ain’t letting up! They want you to believe your vote doesn’t count. #KeepGoing‼️ #Ourvotecounts #BlackVoteCounts.”

Jeezy has been championing the need to vote for days on his Instagram account. Last week, he vowed to educate himself on how to make a change and promised to spread the word on the significance of voting in elections.

“In the mist of the battle,” he wrote. “It’s imperative we prepare for the war. Same way we fighting in the streets in numbers with strength.”

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He added, “We must fight at the polls. We ain’t letting up. Not now, Not ever. It’s time. We got work to do‼️#OurVoteCounts #BlackVoteCounts #ITSTIME #WEGOTWORKTODO.”

Watch Jeezy’s video message below.