It’s official.
Hip Hop loves Barack Obama.
Riding high with the recent cover story in Vibe, the Democratic presidential hopeful is now being name checked by some of Hip Hop’s lyrical elite.
Common and Mos Def’s partner in rhyme, Talib Kweli has shouted out the Ill. Senator on recent tracks.
“My raps ignite the people like Obama,” Common spit on Finding Forever’s latest single, The People.  The accompanying video also features an Obama ’08 bumper sticker prominently displayed.
To Common, Obama represents the people in a way seldom seen in main stream politics.
“He’s fresh, you know, he’s got good style,” he tells CNN. “As far as people in my age group and people that love hip-hop, there’s a love for Obama. He represents progress. He represents what hip-hop is about. Hip-hop is about progress, the struggle.”
Even Talib Kweli, who’s not known to be active in the arena of voting shouts out Obama on his latest album, Ear Drum.
“Speak to the people like Barack Obama,” he raps on “Say Somethin”.
Kweli compares Obama to former boxer Muhammad Ali and says Obama’s rise signals a change in American society.
“His youth, his being black, the way that he speaks, the way that he lays out his point of view,” Kweli says of Obama. “It’s someone who looks more like you. I don’t mean black, but I mean the young thing. And his name is Barack Obama. This country is become more and more multicultural.”