Jamo Gang is a month away from releasing their debut album, so the trio wants to share another piece of the puzzle before it drops on May 8. Ras Kass, J57 and El Gant have recruited Sick Jacken and Slaine for the LP’s new single “38 Minutes.”

“The song is conceptually based on the 2018 Hawaii false missile alert that started when they received an emergency alert that North Korea had fired nuclear missiles directly at them,” Ras tells HipHopDX. “The impact typically takes 38 minutes. We internalized that and asked ourselves, ‘What would you do facing certain death with just enough time to make preparations?'”

J57 adds, “A few summers ago, Ras Kass called me and said, ‘We should make a really original and undeniably dope subject song with Sick Jacken and Slaine.’ He and I went back and forth for a week or so brainstorming on ideas. Fast forward about six months later, he and I got in the lab with El Gant to create some new Jamo Gang songs.

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“We pitched the ideas we had to El Gant. He heard this beat I made (with a very similar song subject idea in mind) and built off of our idea of ‘the world ending in minutes/what would we do’ to ‘a nuke is on its way/what would we do with minutes left.’ I told Slaine the topic, he loved it. Ras told Sick Jacken the topic, he loved it. We all made an incredible, timeless and original song out of it.”

Stream Jamo Gang’s “38 Minutes” above and pre-order their Walking With Lions LP here.

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