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As “Tick Tok” inched toward 100,000 streams, two of the masterminds behind the song — Bay Area artists Tree Thomas and IAMSU! — decided to make a video for the Hefnagwap-produced track.

The result is a collection of random fan videos made with the TikTok app that are interspersed throughout the visual as “Tick Tok” plays in the background.

Shot and directed by Bay Area director Chito Floriano, the brief but potent video puts both artists’ talents on display while showing off Floriano’s animation skills at the same time.

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“This song literally came about from Su’s excitement and obsession with TikTok,” Tree tells HipHopDX. “I wasn’t completely on the hype when he came to the studio, but it was all he was talking about [laughs]. So when the first beat came on, the first thing that came out his mouth was ‘Tick Tok, Tick Tok.’ It went so perfect with the beat that we just made the song.

“After we were done, we played it back and said, ‘This is a hit [laughs]! A week later, I made a account on the platform, put up some videos and the song, and now I’m over to 30,000 followers.”

Watch the “Tick Tok” video up top.