HipHopDX Premiere

Myka 9 is a man of many talents. As a veteran member of Project Blowed, Freestyle Fellowship and Haiku D’Etat, the Los Angeles-based MC know no bounds. Now, the hardworking artist is back with a new video for “Portrait” featuring Blak Rapp Madusa and Billy Pilgrim.

The beat and vocals were recorded at producer Josef Leimberg’s Iron Worx Recordings in Eagle Rock, California, which has hosted artists such as SZA, Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg. Production was then taken to Herman Pearl’s Tuff Sound Recordings in Pittsburgh where the additional instruments were recorded, mixed and mastered.

Musicians Reggie Watkins (trombone), Nino Albanese (keys) and Dan Miller (strings) also make live instrument contributions to the song’s arrangement with the behind-the-scenes video footage recorded and edited by Los Angeles filmmaker Alex Knell.



Kicking off in Leimart Park, the neighborhood where Myka’s career began, the theme of the video focuses on his origins and each artist’s insight into the nature of identity.

“Portrait” marks Ziggy Sawdust Productions’ first project following three-year hiatus and the first of several to 2020 debuts.

Watch the video up top.