50 Cent is know infamously known for disrespecting fellow rappers. Since his “How to Rob” days, 50 has been harassing opponents routinely. Now, is he aiming at Chamillionaire, Master P and Ghostface?
Recently, Spin ran an interview they had with 50. Now, Spin has decided to reveal the unabridged version of the interview online. In the interview, 50 and Tony Yayo have few kind words for other artists.
When he is told that Chamillionaire, Ghostface and Master P have claimed that they will not curse in future records, 50 had this to say:
“None of those people sell records.”
When corrected (the interviewer noted Cham sold a million copies of his last LP), 50 added this:
“Let him go sell gospel records, if he’s so fuckin’ righteous. I can write around the curses if I want to, but you can’t tell me to write around the curses. First of all, there’s a clean version of the record available, anyway, if people don’t want to hear that content.”
When the topics change, Ghostface becomes a target.
“The streets are different now,” Yayo stated. “Guys like Ghostface don’t matter. They don’t. They had a run, but it’s over.”
Yayo went on to claim Ghostface did not write Supreme Clientele. 50 claimed that he did not know about that, but went on to say that Ghost was a failure for his numbers.
“In my camp, a couple hundred thousand records is a failure. From my perspective, if I sell 200,000 copies, after selling 12 million records, it’s considered terrible…But if you’re on a major record label, and he [Ghostface] is, and you sell a couple hundred thousand records, that was a failure. Your fuckin’ photos and videos aren’t recouped with 200,000 copies sold.”
Later, he went on to speak on Oprah.
“Oprah is a good businessperson, right, considering that she’s a billionaire? And her job is to go out and cater to as many middle-aged white people as possible…She doesn’t ever say anything that anybody from the ghetto is gonna ID with. Take a poll. Find me some young black women who ID with Oprah.I guarantee you will find a way bigger demographic of middle-aged white women than young black women. Her issues are aimed at them. She can escape the fact that she’s black because she’s a billionaire, and the white women think, “Hey, me and Oprah, we think the same thing,” so they tune in and enjoy it and watch the show.”
50 Cent‘s upcoming album Curtis will be released September 11th.