Los Angeles, CA

Azealia Banks made a startling and emotional claim on social media that her neighbor pulled a gun on her on Wednesday (February 5).

In a series of Instagram videos, Banks claimed her neighbor came to her door at 6:30 am and pulled a gun on her. The reason for the incident was not explained. The visibly-shaken rapper cried for help from her fans as she spoke about the incident even becoming hysterical at points in the videos.

Initially, Banks was going to call the police about the matter but felt her race would play a factor in the police’s response, considering she lives in a mostly-white neighborhood.

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“If I call the cops, I don’t know what the cops are gonna do. I don’t know what white people will do,” said the rapper. “I’m like the only black girl on this fucking street.”

Banks recently made headlines in December for announcing her retirement from music while teasing new music. It was the second time in months she had made the statement.  She made a similar claim in June before releasing her Yung Rapunxel sequel Yung Rapunxel Pt. 2 in September.

Check out a series of Instagram messages from Azealia Banks after the initial videos.

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