Los Angeles, CA – Andrea Kelly is ready to press the button on legal action following a trailer Lifetime Television Networks released for Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning.

In a live segment with celebrity news outlet TMZ, the ex-wife of the accused superstar announced her plans to sue Lifetime for including her in promotional content for the documentary. Throughout the two-plus minute video, Kelly asserts that she asked Lifetime to not reach out to her children and relatives regarding the documentary, and mentions her grievances with the “aftercare” of the women who came forward with their allegations.

However, it seemed her biggest issue with the television network was its use of her likeness in the trailer for the upcoming series in which she proclaims “vehemently” stating her unwillingness to take part.

“They have a lawsuit coming their way,” Kelly exclaimed when asked about the use of her appearance in the trailer.

“I told them (Lifetime) I vehemently — I will not be apart of, in any shape, form or fashion, I didn’t sign any release forms, I told them I will not film — I’m not putting my name on this documentary,” Kelly continues.

Should Kelly follow-through with her intentions, it won’t be the first time this year she is involved with litigation that is related to her ties with the degraded singer. In May, she was awarded $62,000 in back child support after R. Kelly appeared in a Cook County court and paid the debt in order to remain free.

Watch the full interview above.