The other night, Funkmaster Flex, took time on his nightly show on New York’s Hot 97 to discuss the murder of Dipset member and Stack Bundles. His guest, Fabolous, echoed the DJ’s response and said that proponents of the anti-snitching movement were what was negatively associated with what is not being called a “hip hop murder”. On Monday, Flex called out for his listeners to step up and “snitch”. Flex then said, “Call me what you want, I’m snitchin,” adding that he had police hotline numbers for those who wanted or needed them.

Flex also openly wondered about the rise of the “hustlers in hip-hop”, saying, “I’m starting to feel like the street element is seeping into the game too thick and too strong. I really don’t care who gets offended. There used to be a separation of the music and the hustle. I’m not really feeling that it’s separated anymore. The hustlers are managing the rappers.”

Flex blamed part of this on the success of 50 Cent. “I don’t know if the whole 50 Cent success has made rappers feel they have to say something negative about a person that’s coming out.” His guest, Fabolous, responded, “50 has said he’s fueled a lot of this stuff. I [never] seen dudes pull them hammers out on them DVD’s like that until 50 did it. I’m not gonna lie.”

“50 Cent is a different animal,” Flex continued. “He has thought out his process for the last 10 years. This dude don’t move unless he thought about it and has thought about what he’s gonna do, when he’s gonna do it. ‘Cause at the end of the day, for y’all tryin’ to be like 50, he’s really laughin’ at y’all countin’ about 200 million on islands. I don’t know if you noticed, but this dude has never really been at a nightclub or standin’ on a corner.”

There are still no leads to Stack Bundles‘ shooter and we’ll keep you posted as the events transpire.