After the tragic loss of Stack Bundles, hip hop has been dealt yet another blow as underground staple and Columbus, OH native DJ Przm has passed away due to a heart condition. Fellow Ohio representative, Blueprint, has issued a statement on has late friend’s behalf…

I am writing to inform everyone of the passing of my friend and fellow Columbus musician, DJ Przm. He passed Sunday June 10th in Sacramento, CA.

I met Przm in 1999 when we first started putting out greenhouse effect and illogic tapes when he started up a local hip-hop night on sundays in Columbus, OH with his DJ crew the Fonosluts (w/ DJ Pos2 and Lozone). What started out as something small ended up being the longest running and most successful hip-hop night in the history of Columbus hip-hop.  Prior to Bernies there were no places to play and bernies gave each of us a chance to play in front of receptive crowds and compete in some of the most fierce open mics I’ve ever seen.  From the MHz (Copywrite, Camu, Jakki, RJD2), to Weightless (myself, greenhouse Effect, and Illogic), to Stronghold, to Phife Dog, to Thirsten Howell, bernies was the only place to be for underground hip-hop in Columbus, and DJ Przm (who started the night w/o even owning any turntables or mixer) was at the forefront of that.

He put out a series of records from 1999 to 2002 that although were not nationally distributed and limited in pressing made him and his crew (Spitball,Fonosluts, & 3MS) the most popular in the scene at the time.

He was an amazing Dj and was the first Dj I ever took on the road with me in 2002 when i started touring.  He, Illogic, and I had so many good times that it’s hard to know where to begin, but in terms of rocking shows, since Przm was a Dj, Emcee, producer, and beatboxer of the highest level–he was able to make any show live and able to make the best out of any bad situation.

He was the kind of guy who would laugh at me having a meltdown about a bad show and never took things too seriously.  Przm was also a killer party DJ, who could kill crowds with anything from booty house to classic hip-hop.  He truly was a throwback to the era when emcees did more than just emcee, they practiced and sought to perfect every aspect of the hip-hop.

In addition to the production work he did with his Spitball crew, he produced and EP for Illogic (Off the Clock), SA Smash (“Smash TV”), Copywrite, Supastition, and the most recognizable beat of his career, “Hold The Floor” for Camu Tao (def jux).  DJ Przm single-handedly defined the grimey, lo-fi sound of Columbus hip-hop.

Throughout his life, Przm had health issues surrounding his heart, and had moved to the west coast over a year ago in hopes to speed up the process of getting a heart transplant.

Please spread the word to all that knew of DJ Przm and his work. He will be sorely missed.