Cooper City, FL

Trina was placing expletives in places that have never before seen an expletive after a white woman reportedly called her a “nigger bitch.” According to TMZ, the rap vet was shopping at a Walmart in Cooper City, Florida this weekend when the incident took place.

Witness say Trina accidentally bumped into the woman who then told her, “Watch out you nigger bitch.” That’s when all hell broke loose.

“Say it again!” Trina shouts in the clip. “Say it a-muthfuckin-gin. Say it again! Say it again you dirty ass bitch. I am a nigger bitch! I am that bitch! I dare you to say it! I dare you to muthafuckin’ say it. Call who you wanna call!”

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Cops were called to the scene, but law enforcement sources say they didn’t take a police report because Trina decided against it. Instead, officers escorted her out of the Walmart to her car for her own safety.

Police never confronted the woman who allegedly hurled the racial slur.

Watch the clip above.