Megan Thee Stallion and Iggy Azalea had a brief misunderstanding that was aired out and cleared up on where else but Twitter. The issue was over a song that Azalea claims to have sent to the H-Town native to hop on though Meg says she never received the track.

The dispute started when the “Sally Walker” writer responded to a now deleted tweet that asked her to collaborate with Megan. Azalea retorts she sent a track from her recent album In My Defense for a feature though received no response.

Meg answered another tweet explaining her side of the story. She claims Azalea never sent the songs to her directly when she had her personal email and phone “back then.” Also, she was excited to go on tour with the Australian born rapper, but “it just didn’t happen.”

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Azalea says the two spoke on FaceTime and after she sent the tracks to Megan’s manager. Thee Stallion responded that she never sent those records directly to her, so they went unheard. In the end, they both expressed it was all love and miscommunication.

Azalea recently had other social media feuds with Lizzo and T.I., with the latter calling her “the tarnish of his legacy.”

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