Los Angeles, CA – Phora has returned with his third studio album, Bury Me With Dead Roses. According to the 24-year-old Anaheim native, the 16-song project is about change and growth.

Bury Me With Dead Roses is an album about the beauty and pain of life,” Phora explained in a statement. “[It’s] an album that I depict as the death of the old me and a transformation into a new me.”

Including the singles “Forgive Me,” “On My Way,” and his Nipsey Hussle tribute “The Dream,” the album is brimming in emotional ebb and flow — something Phora notes he embraced.

“I feel like I’m always trapped between being happy or depressed, there’s never any middle ground,” he said. “This is an album of my deepest fears and my highest people.”

The coming of age story is one he hopes will resonate with fans. “We all have demons, we all want to feel something, but change inspires change when we least expect it,” he says.

Check out the Bury Me With Dead Roses album stream and cover art below.


1. On My Way
2. Like a Drug
3. Anything You Need
4. Love Yourself
5. Blame On Me Me
6. All These Thoughts
7. Te Necesito (feat. Mariah)
8. Just You
9. Alive
10. Forgive Me
11. Never Know
12. Lost
13. Back To You
14. Where Did We Go Wrong
15. How It Feels To Feel Nothing
16. The Dream