Rasheed Chappell and Reckonize Real recently teamed up for a track titled “Epic Tales” on the latter’s Bridges & Tunnels album. Now, the duo has joined forces again to premiere a video for their collaboration on HipHopDX.

“‘Epic Tales’ is an ode to the moments, places and events that shaped me as a man and an artist,” Chappell told DX. “Where I’m from isn’t yet seen as a Hip Hop landmark like Queensbridge or Marcy or the South Bronx but with every word I write, that’s my goal. The beat just spoke to me in a way that evoked all the imagery and brought back the memories that became the lyrics.”

Reckonize added, “This was one of my favorite beats at the time. I made it while speaking with Rasheed. I actually sent him a video of me working on it and it was a go.”

Watch Chappell and Reckonize’s “Epic Tales” video above.