Los Angeles, CA

Compton’s Roddy Ricch linked up with HipHopDX’s KXNG Crooked for a brief but informative conversation at the 2019 BET Awards. During their interview, Roddy spoke about how he used the lessons of the late Nipsey Hussle to secure a partnership with Atlantic Records.

“Nipsey kind of showed me the way to maneuver through when you’re doing your business relationships with different labels and stuff like that,” he explained to the Crook’s Corner host. “So, [Roddy’s imprint] Bird Vision and Atlantic have partnered together. Now, I will be bringing better quality music.”

Earlier in the discussion, Crooked told Roddy that a lot of young artists are looking up to the 20-year-old artist despite the relative infancy of his career. The “Project Dreams” creator responded by saying he simply tries to set an example with his authenticity.



“I just do what I can do, man, and try to just tell my story,” Roddy noted. “Just give the young people something that’s real, something that ain’t fixated — just something that they can connect to. Like people that came before me, I don’t know some rappers how real they are, how fake they are. But with my story, I try to just lay out the facts and let the younger people choose what they wanna do. You let ’em weigh their options.”

Check out the full interview above.

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