Ice-T doesn’t seem particularly pleased with the Amazon Flex delivery method. When an unidentified delivery man attempted to drop off a package at the rap legend’s home on Monday night (May 20), the Law & Order: SVU star says he almost put a cap in the person.

Ice tweeted about the encounter on Tuesday (May 21) and had a PSA for the online retail giant.

“Message To Amazon: Now that you have regular people making your home deliveries.. Maybe they should wear a Vest with AMAZON DELIVERY on it,” he wrote. “I almost shot a MF creeping up to my crib last night…. Just sayin.”

When a fan asked Ice if the person was wearing a uniform, Body Count’s de facto leader reiterated, “No. They don’t wear ANY uniform. Just regular people workin.. I ain’t mad at them. Just sayin. That shit ain’t safe.”

The Amazon Help account quickly replied to Ice’s gripes with the company, explaining they’d be in touch soon.

“Thanks for reaching out with your feedback!” the tweet read. “I’d like to escalate this to our Logistics Team for review; please leave us your details here: , and we’ll be in touch with you soon! ^PF.”

And yep, that’s how it’s done.