Ice-T was just as surprised as his fans when the fact he’s never had coffee or a bagel became news. But clearly he’s having fun with it.

On Monday (November 19), the Body Count O.G. unveiled a video on Twitter showing what happened when he took the leap and tried both items for the first time.

“Turns out there’s a dating app called Coffee Meets Bagels,” Ice says. “They offered to come over to my house and bring me some coffee and bagels. How nice is that? The internet wanted to see this and I’m willing to do it. First time in my life … about to start it off with coffee. Ok, it’s not what I expected. It tastes like water but another taste kicked in later.

“This is my first time and I can pretty much tell you this will be the last time I’ll ever drink black coffee. Why would you do that?”

When it came time for the bagel tasting portion of the clip, Ice described it as “an unsweetened donut.”

“Oh shit, I heard that one of the number reasons people show up in the E.R. is for bagel hand, for trying to cut one of these things in their hands,” he says as he takes his first bite. “It’s not bad. It has a different consistency as a donut. That one bite, I feel like I just ate a loaf of bread. People eat this whole thing?”

When asked if he was going to become a bagel or coffee guy, he told HipHopDX, “Nope.”

There you have it, folks.