“All these people out here tripping off police brutality like this shit is something new,” Ice-T says. “Give me a fucking break – I’ve been talking about this shit for over 20 years. And now you can kill a motherfucker just because of how he’s dressed. Are you fucking serious?”

Those are the words that kick off Body Count’s new video for “Black Hoodie,” which follows the controversial “No Lives Matter” visual the rap-metal group released last month. In a case of art imitating life, the compelling video paints the disturbing picture of what actually goes down when police shoot an unarmed black man and the ripple effect it causes throughout the community. Delivered with raw intensity, Ice even manages to throw in a nod to KRS-One with his “Whoop whoop/that’s the sound of the police” line.

“Black Hoodie” is available as a free download with pre-order of Body Count’s upcoming sixth LP, Bloodlust, the longtime outfit’s first album since 2014’s Manslaughter. Pre-order the album here and check out the video above.