Los Angeles, CA – Nipsey Hussle’s alleged killer Eric Holder was reportedly on a rampage March 31 — the day Nip was murdered. According to witness statements obtained by TMZ, Holder pistol-whipped a man only one hour before the fatal shooting took place.

The L.A. County DA’s Office received the account from two women who say Holder attacked their male friend over a botched drug deal.

Holder lived in the same building as the alleged assault victim and they sometimes smoked pot together. The man says an angry Holder arrived at his apartment around 2 p.m. PT on March 31 and accused the man of selling him marijuana laced with another substance. They then stepped out into the hallway to discuss the situation.

The statements say Holder was “breathing very heavily” and “appeared very excited and very agitated.” As Holder grew more aggressive, the man attempted to return to his apartment but was allegedly pistol-whipped in the back of the head.

Although the man was knocked to the ground, he was still conscious and claims he saw a “big silver gun,” describing it as a “semi-automatic.”

The man ultimately made it safely to his apartment, but says Holder was “shaking and looked very nervous” before leaving. Nip was gunned down roughly an hour later in front of his Marathon Clothing store near the intersection of Slauson and Crenshaw in Los Angeles.

The two women, who have hired attorney Harley D. Breite, say their mutual friend copped to selling Holder $10 worth of weed. He notes the pot was from a dispensary and had no knowledge of it being laced with another drug.

When the man found out Holder was the suspect in Nipsey’s murder, he was afraid to report the incident due to Holder’s gang affiliations and the fact he sold him marijuana.

Holder was arrested for Nip’s murder last month. He has since pleaded not guilty.