Let’s start with the obvious — at this stage in his career, Dr. Dre has nothing left to prove. In terms of clout, he has about the most possible for any Hip Hop pioneer.

But despite his pedigree, several social media users are accusing the prolific producer of exploiting Nipsey Hussle’s death. Eight days after the tragic shooting, a video of The Game’s Instagram Story was posted to YouTube, showing him in the studio with Snoop Dogg and Dre.

Instagram photos from the session also show Dre and Game posing next to a portrait of the slain rapper, which evidently sparked controversy online due to an old interview Nip did with Bootleg Kev in 2013.

During Nip’s conversation with Kev, Nip addressed a line on “Mr. Untouchable” referencing Dre and the notion Dre didn’t support him or other burgeoning West Coast gangsta rappers.

“What I said about the Dre situation was just me being a real nigga,” Nip said. “It wasn’t like a direct shot. It was just like me speaking what was true to me at the moment. We doing us, and we gonna push regardless of co-signs, help, people coming down dropping ropes. I felt like if I’m sitting back in the game, and I’m watching Nipsey Hussle, and I’m watching Dom Kennedy, and I’m watching YG at that moment developing a situation, I just felt like what I would do — I wouldn’t spend money.

“I wouldn’t necessarily offer financial support, but I would do what I do to these young dudes that I see. I would acknowledge they grind. Because when it’s impossible to miss, and you don’t acknowledge it, that’s becomes intentionally not acknowledging it.”

Nip also mentions Dre on the cut “Keys 2 The City,” suggesting the N.W.A legend had decided not to work with him.

“Hussle, hussle, Dre passed, Def Jam, Capital Alantic too/Thought that I’ll be dead or doing life, ’cause what I rap is true/Just another you know who,” he spit. That line in particular gave Nipsey fans more ammo to build their case.

As a result, Twitter lit up with reactions to Dre’s photo with the Nip portrait. Some found it disgusting while others deemed it sad Nip was never able to work with one of his West Coast predecessors.

Check out some of the reactions below.