Megan Thee Stallion has denied allegations of ghostwriting by affirming she writes her own raps. In a series of posts on Instagram, the rising star fired back at Wolftyla over claims regarding the Juicy J-assisted song “Simon Says,” which appears on Megan’s debut album Fever.

“I write my own shit don’t let nobody gas you up like that,” she wrote. “That clout shit is crazy.”

In response, Wolftyla said she never claimed to have written Megan’s verse. But, she did assert she wrote the hook and bridge in addition to naming the song.

“Gonna say my peace, keep it professional and go,” she wrote on Instagram. “it’s sad that this industry will go so far as to make two woman look at each other crazy. never did i take credit for writing @theestallion’s VERSE. i wrote the hook, the bridge and named the song for ‘simon says’ in January. lets not take it there cause receipts don’t lie and reference tracks don’t either.”

She added, “If I’m a ‘clout chaser’ for showing nothing but love and being proud of something i took part in, so be it. that was a cute label stunt. that song still fire. and i said what i said, i’m grateful to be a part of the record.”

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and it’s still all good.

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Megan contradicted Wolftyla’s story though, saying Juicy J actually wrote the hook.

“Juicy J wrote the hook and gave it to me,” she wrote. “I don’t care about no reference lol.”

The man in question then stepped in to confirm Megan’s account.

“I produced & write a lot of songs & I get people to reference the songs I wrote Simon Says now lets end this,” Juicy J explained. “this is very Petty have a happy Sunday!”

Megan followed up the Three 6 Mafia co-founder’s statement by reasserting her previous declarations on the matter.

“THEE END for the people who can’t read the OG JUICY J WROTE THE HOOK!” she wrote. “YOU MF RIGHT IMA LET ONE OF THE RAPPERS I LOOKED UP TO GROWING UP GIVE ME A HOOK I write all my own shit and that’s that.”