Bizarre is calling bull on a recent interview with fellow Motor City rapper Sada Baby. While speaking with SayCheeseTV, Sada essentially reduced Eminem’s legacy to an honorable mention, saying he wasn’t in the Top 5 when it comes to Detroit MCs. But the D12 vet evidently thought it was low hanging fruit for an artist still engrained in the streets.

On Tuesday (April 16), Bizarre weighed in via Instagram, chiding the interviewer for his Slim Shady-related questions.

“I’m sick this nigga @saycheesedigital trying to put are city against each other,” he wrote in the caption. “no street nigga is not Bump at Eminem in the car .. he not street rapper .. name one this nigga that can fuck with him or big sean .. when I met Eminem he lived on fair port and 7 mile ..,I love all our young nigga coming up @sadababy Bandgang ..42 Dugg ..?

“Stop trying to turn our city to against each other .. Oh yeah people always saying who has Eminem help from Detroit D12 . Obie trice ..king gordy .. but I guess we don’t count .. my top 5,in Detroit.. 1 Big herk 2 Esham 3 hydro ..4 Royce. 5 rocaine.”

In the video itself, Bizarre — rocking his Gucci shower cap — questioned SayCheese’s approach while talking to Detroit-bred rappers.

“No, Eminem is not the Top 5 in Detroit,” he says in the clip. “Eminem’s the Top 5 in the world, nigga. That’s like asking a nigga from New York is JAY-Z Top 5. He’s Top 5 in the world. That’s a whole other category. Is niggas in Detroit bumpin’ Eminem all day? Absolutely not — not in the streets … he’s not a street rapper.”

From there, he adds the question is starting to get “irritating” and tells SayCheese to “stop with that.”

Watch the full clip above.