Los Angeles, CA

T.I. is one of the many mourning Nipsey Hussle’s passing. But he’s also not one to stay silent on the matter. In the wake of Nip’s tragic shooting death over the weekend, Tip took out his frustrations on both social media and during an interview with TMZ Live.

In a clip, he insists Nipsey was only killed because people were jealous of his mounting success. He explains the feelings of despair and hopelessness in the video.

“I’m disheartened, disappointed and disgusted that the very people we try to so hard to liberate and uplift are the ones that ultimately, in the end, hope to see our demise,” he says. “But that’s neither here nor there. I think that right now I’m just focusing on some kind of clarity and understanding, and eventually I know as the days continue to progress I’ll find it.”

As he continues, the Hustle Gang boss elaborates on an Instagram post he shared following the shooting.



“Because of the lack of education, the lack of opportunity and the lack of experience in our communities, most of us who are subjected to the confinement of those communities, we operate and exist on such a low vibration and we’re very remedial in our thinking. So when we see people who operate on a high vibration and who have much more fleshed out, detailed thoughts for whatever reason — because they’re well read or because they travel more or because they’ve experienced more — there’s one of two things that’s gonna happen.

“Some people are gonna learn from that person and follow them into whatever greatness comes … and the other half is going to detest the very existence of that person because their greatness upsets all the things that you’re not doing in your life. So every time, internally, the things they aren’t doing for themselves causes them to be unsettled and that usually ends up in senseless violence because of jealousy.

He concludes with, “I think people just hate not that you’re doing something but the fact that they’re doing nothing and you doing something reminds them too much that they’re doing nothing.”

The Instagram post in question was shared on Monday (April 1), one day after Nipsey’s March 31 murder.



It read, “Sometimes people try to destroy you, precisely because they recognize your power – not because they don’t see it, but because they see it and they don’t want it to exist.”

He added in the caption, “Sad part is… muuufuckaz so far gone in they own misery that they can’t even see wtf they doing to US as a whole!!!

“Easiest way to create a monster… make him Hate the sight of himself,He’ll then be incapable of loving anyone else. #RestEasyLilBro @nipseyhussle.”

LAPD identified suspect Eric Holder as the alleged shooter on Monday night. He’s currently wanted for homicide.



Nipsey was killed outside of his Marathon Clothing store after being shot at least six times. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he later died. He was 33.