New York, NY – YBN Almighty Jay made a power move earlier this month when he flipped bad publicity from a brutal attack in New York City — that resulted in his chain being stolen and landed him in the hospital with 300 stitches in his face — into the single and accompanying visual for his new track “Let Me Breathe.”

In a new interview with Genius Jay decodes the single line by line and in the process, he gives more context on the robbery and even admits to laughing it off immediately following the altercation.

“I’m like, fuck, they got me, they got me. I let them get me, I was lacking, they got me good. I’m on FaceTime with a neck brace on bleeding out the back of my head with my face cut open like this, just laughing with people,” Jay began.

“But, it’s like, what do we do? We don’t do nothing and just act weak and, a’ight you took an L and got yo’ ass beat — or I’m like, fuck it, this how I get paid, this my career, I’m about to drop a song, with the stitches in my face because everybody wants to see them. I made the choice to shoot the video.” Jay pressed on.

The Houston native maintains that he kept his wits throughout the trying situation and advances on to share that even celebrities like himself experience some of the same doubt and personal turmoils normal people battle, too.

“People just feel like, cause you famous and shit, that you just live this perfect life, and the grass is just green for you, but shit, the same way people feel about shit I feel the same way,” Jay declared.

Given the circumstances of the past few weeks, it appears the “Chopsticks” rapper is in a good spot. In a matter of days, his name was cleared in a felony theft case involving Skinny From The 9, in addition to his Rap-A-Lot records chain being returned to his possession thanks to the powerful efforts of J. Prince.

He’s even utilizing the buzz to promote his upcoming visual “God Save Me.”

Check out the entire Verified segment for the official lyrics and meaning of Jay’s “Let Me Breathe” above.