Los Angeles, CA – Ohio-bred rapper Seth Hirsch made his first big leap into the rap game a few weeks ago when a never-before-heard collaboration with him and Mac Miller was unearthed. Miller and Hirsch recorded the Nottz-produced single, “Say Goodbye,” last year and Nottz released it through AudioMack.

“I was hyped they asked me to be a part of the track,” Hirsch told HipHopDX. “And to hear that it would be released.”

However, hours after it was dropped, Miller’s estate removed the song. While Hirsch wasn’t a part of the decision and doesn’t know why the song was removed, he’s still glad he got to record a song with Miller, who was a huge influence on him.

Although the song is scrubbed from the internet for now, Hirsch’s work is just beginning. He’s gearing up to release his EP next month and has surfaced with a Nottz-produced “No Friends Freestyle.” The video, edited by Lunar Thought, adds to Hirsch’s freestyle with vibrant animations, accentuating his verses over the drum-driven beat.

Hirsch talks about working with Nottz on “Say Goodbye,” his new “No Friends Freestyle” and forthcoming EP.

Tell us about your new freestyle video.

I was working on my EP in Virginia with Nottz and we wanted to shoot a video for this song and I thought it’d be really dope to put some crazy animations on it. I just wanted to do a song that was like raw Hip Hop, telling a little bit of my story and where I’m from, but keep it kind of short. I grew up listening to a lot of raw Hip Hop and I think my album has a much different sound than that, so it was good to get in that bag and do that style and talk about where I’m from — Ohio. My homie, Lunar Thought from Cincinnati, even edited it. He did the visuals, they’re really wild. I’m really stoked to put this out before the EP because it’s like a totally different sound.

Your EP is coming out at the end of April, do you have a name for it yet?

I’ve got some good ideas for it, but nothing final yet!

How much did Nottz produce on it?

I have one track produced by Nottz on it.

Was “Say Goodbye” the first time you worked with Nottz?

No, we started working together before that. I started going to Virginia last year, he was one of the first producers that really fucked with me. He met me and heard me freestyle in the studio and fucked with me, so from there we’ve been working together.

Mac Miller’s label decided to take down “Say Goodbye.” Are you hoping it will someday be re-released?

Definitely, I think it’s a great song.

Besides Mac Miller, what other artist influences will we see in your EP?

I listen to so much music and so many artists that everything kind of spills into it. Like that freestyle, I listen to a lot of Meek Mill and that really played into that song. I like to go song-by-song and try a lot of different styles and a lot of artists influence me in different ways.