The social media community was thrown for a loop on Wednesday (March 13) when Instagram experienced a service outage for the majority of the day. From personal to business implications, the photo-sharing app’s interruption induced hysteria across its 1 billion subscribers. But while some panicked, others laughed — in particular, Meek Mill.

With Instagram’s — as well as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp (all Facebook properties) — mysterious technical difficulties, Meek took to Twitter to irreverently voice his thoughts on the matter.

“The gram down? That mean capping is down 74% today!”

A dualistic territory that can impart as much joy as it does pain, Meek found hilarity in the all-consuming app’s forced hiatus. His tweets provided some astute commentary on society’s premium placed upon Instagram and social media at large.

Although users are breathing a collective sigh of relief with the ‘Gram’s restored functionality, the shutdown showed people’s’ true colors: some freaked-out, others laughed — Meek proudly belongs to the latter group.