West Hollywood, CA – Actor Jason Weaver recently recounted the series of hurdles he faced while trying to record his feature on Chingy’s hit single “One Call Away.”

Weaver opened up about the troublesome recording process with Tracy Clayton on Netflix’s Strong Black Lead Podcast.

Towards the latter end of the episode (55:48), Weaver is asked about his current relationship with Chingy, sharing that the two recently spoke about a joint performance on B2K’s Millennium Tour.

The decorated actor and singer proceeded to recount the birth and complicated recording process of “One Call Away.” Weaver details leaving the set of The Ladykillers, the Coen brothers film he was working on at the time, to go lay down his vocals.

Weaver describes the setbacks, saying, “We did the song and maybe a week later, Poon called me like, ‘dog I told you that shit was undeniable.’ They still were skeptical about me being a part of it so they did these focus groups. Yeah, they put together focus groups, they were really hating on me. I was insulted but at the same time I recognized and I understood that this is a business.”

He later states, “After all the focus groups, my version was the one that was picked so they decided to run with it and after that, the song became really successful.”

Chingy was red hot when “One Call Away” appeared on his 2003 album, Jackpot. The song spent 20 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart peaking at No. 2 on March 13, 2004.

The new Strong Black Lead episode, released Tuesday (March 12), highlighted the illustrious career of Jason Weaver in film and music.

The podcast series is dedicated to Black Hollywood Legends, giving them their flowers while unearthing life lessons as well as untold stories about their career-defining moments.

You can listen to the Strong Black Lead’s first season, “Strong Black Legends” here.