Pittsburgh, PA

Famous Pittsburgh playground, Blue Slide Park, popularized by the late Mac Miller, recently received a name change on Google and Apple Maps.

Twitter user @MacMillerMemoir pointed out the name change posting a screenshot on Monday (March 11).

No official statement about the name change has been made by Pittsburgh officials or members of Mac Miller’s team.



One Twitter user pointed out the name change could be the result of Apple Maps pulling data from Yelp pages where a “Mac Miller’s Blue Slide Park” does exist. This is all speculation at this time awaiting an official statement.

An official petition to rename the park circulated during Miller’s memorial. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported in September of 2018 that Pittsburgh Mayor, Bill Peduto suggested his support of a renaming policy to officially change the parks name. Peduto did note, “strict rules on naming of public assets within the city.”



It is unclear yet when the park began showing up with Miller’s name.

Miller was found dead from an accidental overdose on September 7, 2018.  The Grammy-nominated artist would have celebrated his 27th birthday on January 19.

The late musician’s history-setting debut studio album, Blue Slide Park, is now on digital streaming services.

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