Young Buck has spent the better part of 2019 publicly blasting a former associate over unpaid royalties. Through a series of videos via social media, each increasing in frustration, the Nashville rhymer has claimed (among other things) that he was being lent — and paying back — his own money.

“I borrowed it from ya; you gave it to me, imma give it back … only to find out that a nigga is handing you your own money,” Buck said in an Instagram live video. As Buck contends, he is owed past royalties dating back over ten years — and has challenged “the culprit” to open the books.

Curiously, Buck doesn’t explicitly mention 50 Cent in any of his videos, though the tone and — if we’re being honest — history strongly suggests he is referencing the G-Unit head honcho. He did also reference Fif in a diss record earlier this year.

The alleged financial discrepancy — which is likely more aggravating considering past G-Unit debts he had absolved through bankruptcy — was made by artist royalty service The Salas Studios, who stated via Instagram “We fight HARD for our client’s royalties! Through our efforts, we discovered that close to a decade of royalties were being taken from our client Young Buck.”

Though the fine print isn’t public, both Salas Studios and a furious Buck have alluded to a cease and desist letter sent to Buck and his team via email, threatening legal action and citing defamation of character.

“Buck is understandably upset after receiving an unwarranted defamation notice from the person who appears to be the culprit,” Salas Studios adds. “We are currently In the process of reversing all that and getting him paid retroactively as well.”

“Defamation of character threads doesn’t mean anything to me, nigga,” Buck has said in response to the looming legal threat, jokingly pointing out the irony in an industry bully resorting legal action — which could easily be a reference to 50.

Buck did make it clear that he was going about the situation the right way — despite his aggressive demeanor in the videos which have been going viral. “I’m gonna handle my business the right way [this time].”

In his most calm and collected video of the month, Buck explained that he wasn’t looking to gain fame or defame anyone in this situation, but instead get compensation for what he’s had to ensure as a result of what he alleges was illegal business — and set himself up for the future.

“I do have a long career in front of me,” he says.