New York City, NY – Casanova 2X has been building a powerful brand based on authenticity, but according to an allegation from another Brooklynite, who also goes by the monicker Casanova, everything isn’t what it seems.

“He’s not the original,” claims Casanova, who also goes by GQ. In a video posted via his YouTube titled “Identity Theft,” the rapper and (former) scammer broke down how 2X stole his story to help bolster his rap career.

“Niggas knew there was two Casanovas,” he says, noting he was cool with 2X at one point, even initially laughing off the fact that they shared a name — which he claims he had first.

“When [anyone] asked which Casanova you’re talking, they’d say, ‘oh, you got the ugly black one that is robbing niggas, and then you got the pretty boy, that be scamming,’” he continued.

They both got locked up around the same time, and according to Casanova, it was him who lived the jail stories that 2X has been recounting both on wax and in interviews.

“He talking about he’s a scammer and he was wildin in jail … I ain’t like that shit,” he says. “I gotta let it be known that he’s not the original. He’s not the one. I was bugging and jail and all that. That was me.“

Watch the full video, above.