Veteran Hip Hop producer Blockhead has released his new Free Sweatpants album.

Boasting 14 tracks, the project features guest spots from Aesop Rock (“Kiss The Cook”), Homeboy Sandman, Open Mike Eagle and Vic Spencer, among others, allowing for a healthy mixture of solely instrumental songs and MC-infused cuts.

As far as the title goes, the New York City native had a simple explanation.

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“I thought it was a funny title and it’s kinda went along with the mixtape vibe of the project,” Blockhead tells HipHopDX. “Also, I’m just a huge fan of sweatpants.”

Free Sweatpants follows his last solo effort Funeral Balloons,which was released in September 2017.

Check out the Free Sweatpants album, cover art and tracklist below.

  1. Dream On
  2. Slippery Slope f. Open Mike Eagle, billy woods & Breezly Brewin
  3. Kiss The Cook f. Aesop Rock
  4. Rock’em Sock’em Hop
  5. Frank f. Tree
  6. Weeping Willow
  7. Deeperstill f. Homeboy Sandman
  8. By Myself Meeting
  9. Be Safe f. Armand Hammer
  10. Favorite Chair f. Vic Spencer
  11. Tinder In The Time Of Cholera
  12. Let Them Eat Hate f. Marq Spekt
  13. Blue Veil f. Hemlock Ernst
  14. Make America Gape Again