Oakland, CA – Oakland-based artist Tree Thomas has returned with a new single called “No Name,” the first offering from his upcoming Before You Love Me EP.

Produced by Starimusic, the track finds Tree addressing emotional pain people experience throughout their lifetimes and the strength that can come from those scars.

One of Tree’s last EP, KINGROVE, was released last April and featured Mistah F.A.B. and Rexx Life Raj.

“Working with F.A.B. was like a dream,” Tree told HipHopDX. “I remember riding around in high school listening to his music with my friends, and having some of the greatest moments at parties and events to his songs coming up.

“So, getting a chance to work with him was amazing. He’s one of the few people I look up to and idolize because of his accomplishment, and things he’s done and continuing to do for our city. He’s like a big brother to me now and supports everything I do.

Before You Love Me is expected to arrive on January 31.

Until then, watch the “No Name” video above.