Earl Sweatshirt has completed his deal with Columbia Records. In an interview with Pitchfork, the enigmatic MC said 2018’s Some Rap Songs LP was his final album for the label.

“I’m excited to be free because then I can do riskier shit,” he noted.

According to Earl, making an album like Some Rap Songs while signed to a major label was a difficult endeavor. Now, it appears he’s ready to return to his underground roots and make music with no sense of limitations.

“Figuring out how you can be radical from within the system breaks your head,” he told Pitchfork. “That’s where I’m really at: that frustrating-ass place. And this is the best attempt I got. Only so much can happen above ground.”

Although it seems Earl’s creative process was arduous, he still managed to create a challenging work of art within the confines of a major label. In HipHopDX’s review of Some Rap Songs, Daniel Spielberger praised Earl’s “esoteric lo-fi production and imperfect style” for making the LP one of the 2018’s “most intriguing projects.”

Stream Earl’s Some Rap Songs below.