Chris Rock
is known for his comedic work. With a new movie on the way, and a
successful show on television, what more could he want? Well, he
recently answered this by becoming the director for a music video by The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
This is not Chris Rock’s first job as a director. He also directed his up-coming film, I Think I Love My Wife.
As he commented, this job grew from a seed planted during a conversation with TRHCP’s producer/legendary producer Rick Rubin.
were talking about the album and I commented to Rick that their videos
are very arty…I said, ‘They need to do a straight down-the-middle
party, girls, ass-shaking, Rolling Stones-type video,'”
Rock said recently, according to Eurweb.
Rock also had a little rule for the Peppers.
told Anthony what I said, so Anthony pages me and asks if I’d like to
direct the video. I said, ‘Okay, I’ll direct it, but you have to agree
to be the only white people in the video.’ He laughed and said, ‘Sure,
because it’s going to look different.'”
The video was shot on the CW set of his successful “Everybody Hates Chris” television show.